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THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE is to encourage the use of reason in our constant dealing with reality, in an attempt to foster:

(1) affirmation and encouragement for avowed atheists, leading to a greater sense of validation and unity among secular-minded free-thinkers;

(2) hope, encouragement and enlightenment for those who doubt or question their religious beliefs and affiliation, with the assurance of logical and rational solution;

(3) insight into the thoughts and lives of atheists, with the hope that believers in religion and the supernatural will allow formation of a clearer perception of atheists, with less cluttered tolerance.


This site is an attempt to apply reason in the discussion of what’s real, based on the the observations of one who is a cautiously trusting free-thinking skeptical pessimistic optimist. Most of the commentary relates to atheism, and the closely related subjects of religion and politics. And sometimes I’ll get into matters of relationships, aging, parenting and homosexuality. For the most part, I’ll lay aside for now my interests in cooking, theatre, writing, movies, photography and travel.


This site is owned and maintained by Michael Thomas Tower, who is solely responsible for its content. To contact, see CONTACT US page.

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I was born in a small rural town in Texas many decades ago, raised in a home governed by “what would Jesus do” and the local Southern Baptist church. No family went to church more often than mine.

With Christian adherence drilled into me, I eventually “felt the call” to the ministry, ending up with under- and post-graduate degrees in religious studies. I spent years “in the ministry” before finally coming to terms with my increasing doubts and leaving, first, the denomination and, eventually, Christianity and religion altogether.

Reaching the point where I finally realized that I had achieved atheism came not so many years ago. Once I embraced that surety, I had a clarity about my life, about my thinking, about my being, that I had longed for all along. All those years, I’d been trying to find in religion what simply wasn’t there: freedom — to question and discover; to think for myself.

I know now that I have always had a healthy skepticism but in my younger years was afraid to use that valuable tool — was not supposed to. I’d had many questions early in life and through all the years, but was told — and was convinced — that I shouldn’t ask such questions because others much wiser than I had already determined answers; the need to question was naught. But that’s over now. Today I revel in my liberation. It’s okay to question and doubt and probe — and I make the most exciting and enlightening discoveries.

Another “problem” I dealt with much of my life was my sexual orientation. Beginning in my early teens, I tried hard to pray away those blasted “homosexual tendencies.” Years would pass before I finally understood that there was nothing wrong with feeling — with being — homosexual.

But before I worked all of that out, I got married, fathered four children, and remained true to the marriage for 20 years, before leaving it and setting out to live as I needed to.

After leaving “church work,” I made a career in insurance administration, and then another in print graphics.  I am retired now and live with my wonderful partner and our fantastically companionable cat  in the mountains of eastern San Diego County.

A life-long interest is theatre, for which I’ve acted, directed and written.

My atheism has been sort of the final link in a vastly varied — and, on the whole, very satisfactory — life. It greatly adds to the contentment that embraces me. Life is good!

Michael Thomas Tower

This site is a one-person endeavor, so please bear with me as I get it up and running, work out problems, do the tweaking.

If you find problems or errors (which I obviously haven’t caught yet), I would very much appreciate your letting me know (go to the CONTACT US section to send your email).


reason, n. rational thought or inference;  logical justification for a premise or conclusion; rational motive for belief or action. — v. to think logically; to decide based on what is rational and logical.

reality, n. the state of being actual and factual, not illusional or imaginary; what is rather than what is desired or supposed.

If only we humans could learn to rely on reason rather than reaction, to trust evidence rather than emotion, and to accept what is rather than embrace our paradoxical wants, fears and suppositions, we would have no need to create a god or any of the attendant fairy tales that we somehow imagine might sustain, guide and protect us, if only our blind acceptance and unquestioned obedience could somehow be judged sufficient.