The considerable IF of god

Though I was raised in a very conservatively religious home, we did not eschew the use of doctors. They were, I was taught, the tools of God — he freely used them to accomplish his purposes (whether those doctors had any belief in him or not). In fact, we made fun of Uncle Flemus,* the “Nazarene fanatic” (married into the family, of course) who condemned doctors as agents of Satan (until, in his old age, his own illnesses bothered him).

But if  there really is a god that is the all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing being as is claimed by so many, how can those “true believers” possibly justify the acceptance of modern-day medical science? If God knows more than all human brains combined, if he has power beyond all human capability, if he loves with immeasurable passion, if he can do anything — and if I believed that! — I would never turn to a human for help. I would trust god totally for any healing that I should have. That’s faith!

To admit that god must rely on a human being to achieve his will is to admit there is significant fault in in one’s construct of god. Serious fault.

*Name changed to protect family legend