Evil fuels the religionist

Conservative religion teaches the disciple always to be on the lookout for that which is wrong. So the conservative religionist is fueled by sin — others’, not his. Because he’s convinced that evil pervades, evil is what he expects to find — so, of course, he does. Where others may find no wrong-doing, he will find SOMETHING to declare as evil — so he can rant about it and demand its correction. That’s necessary in order to justify his own sense of righteousness and reason for existence. He “knows” he has not just the right, but the obligation, to make others conform to his perception of morality — their thoughts or beliefs be damned.

This determination is bad enough in the hands of an individual, but in the hands of a politician it becomes inordinately more treacherous. Ego revs the morally smug to a dangerous pitch — so much so that the politician considers it totally acceptable to resort to any manner of deception in order to accomplish what’s “right.” Despite whatever teachings of the fabled Jesus Christ he claims to cherish and live by, honesty has no more value than cheating, truth no more worth than lying. He does whatever must be done to force others to live by his own moral restrictions, no matter how irrationally delusional those may be.