God’ is the great put-down

Often we hear people say, when speaking of some notable achievement, “I couldn’t have done it without God.” Or the rare survivor of a storm claiming, “If it hadn’t been for God …” (while God killed — or allowed to die — all the neighbors, but took mercy on this one).

So many people think they personally lack the power and wisdom to accomplish. They are willing  — nay, taught! — to make less of themselves in order to “praise” an imagined but demanding force. It’s Pride, isn’t it? — sinful, for some reason, to take satisfaction in one’s personal achievements?

How much we would gain as individuals and as a society if people would recognize and accept their own personal abilities. To feel the need to credit something else denies what you can do — denies a part of what you are.

But there is an intimidating factor here: if you accept that it is your achievement, that places much more responsibility on you — because it, then, also means there’s no one else to blame for lack of accomplishment.

Come to think of it, maybe that’s why people do it.