The inscrutable qualities of ‘God’

If there was a god, such as that endorsed in all manner of holy writ, the world would be a perfect place populated by perfect people. Plain and simple. How could it not be? Ah, yes! “Free will”: the assertion (it’s actually a dogma!) that human beings may — and will — make decisions counter to the desires of this god (which he already knows about and is prepared to deal with since he is all-knowing, all-powerful and always/everywhere-present); that, though he could force you to accept and fulfill his desires, he doesn’t — only because he wants you to want to do what he wants you to do.

This folksy explanation is all it takes to totally negate the concept of perfect being of perfect purpose. If god could, god would. To have to socialize him with human emotion, human intent, human response in order to explain the behavior of his greatest of all divine creations is more than enough to confirm his true nothingness.