What ‘paves the way’ for what?

Rick Santorum (a man without the ability to recognize defeat for what it is) blames the TV sit-com “Will & Grace” for the current ever-growing tendency among Americans to accept same-sex marriage. Mr. Santorum’s singling out of a show that’s been off the air for years can only attest to his ignorance of what’s on TV today. He’d have a puritanical hissy-fit if he knew the content and popularity of shows such as “Glee” and “Modern Family,” and the less popular (and now-canceled) “The New Normal” and “Smash.”

But Santorum is right: such shows have helped change Americans’ attitudes about homosexuals and their lives.  More and more, Americans are realizing that homosexuals are just like everybody else, with a few differences that really make no difference to them. And that is much of the merit of those shows! However, the “softening,” as Santorum beratedly calls it, isn’t a matter of degeneration and destruction, but of discovery and enlightenment — activities with which Santorum and his ilk are almost totally unfamiliar.

My complaint about what’s on the air today is with the hundreds of religious programs, with which we’ve been bombarded for decades! — that remain relentless in their determination to “soften” people’s attitudes toward reason and fact. They pull out all the stops in an effort to keep people from thinking and determining and evaluating, objectively and cleanly. That is the lessening of our society! — not television shows about normal people who just happen to be gay.

Santorum, like many people “of faith,” are simply unaware of — even uninterested in — what is real and factual. But when one’s life is driven by fantasy and fairy tales, that’s likely to be the case.